Provost Advisory Committee

The Provost Advisory Committee on Resources for Students and Employees with Disabilities comprises faculty, students and administrative staff appointed annually by the Provost. This university wide committee helps to assess the needs of this population and recommend policies, processes and resources for improving the physical and functional aspects of accessibility for the campus community. The major issues for this committee include access to facilities, resources to support special needs, and communication of special needs within the Yale community.

Every member of the Advisory Committee serves on a sub-committee to gather and prepare information focused on specific concerns.

The Facilities Access Group helps to assess the accessibility of buildings and grounds. It works with other departments to review new and renovated facilities for accessibility and evaluates needs and priorities for annual budgeting recommendations. It develops and monitors supplementary standards for planning accessible facilities and for maintenance of accessible facilities once they have been achieved.

The Education, Awareness and Publicity group develops educational programs and publicity which broadens the awareness of special needs and resources for persons with disabilities.

The Service group helps to assess the special needs for services, such as transportation and access along paths-of-travel, and state-of-the-art resources for assistive technologies. It further recommends guidelines to make these services available for persons dependent on prompt and timely services.

Technology Access group identifies accessibility issues related to the use of electronic resources at Yale University and works within the institutional framework to partner with relevant units responsible for their design and delivery to increase awareness of the issues and to recommend options for accommodations.

For further information, contact:

  • The Provost Advisory Committee on Resources for Students and Employees with Disabilities 
    Chairperson, Carl Baum
  • The Office for Equal Opportunity Programs
    Director, Valarie Stanley
  • Resource Office on Disabilities
    Director, Sarah Scott Chang

2017 - 2018 Provost Advisory Committee on Resources for Students and Employees with Disabilities Members

Carl Baum, Chair (2011)
Associate Professor
Pediatric Emergency Medicine
100 York St.

Susan Abramson (2015)
Work Life Program and Child Care Resource
221 Whitney

Rose Bender (2017)
Student, Yale College

Daria Biancardi (2013)
HR Generalist
221 Whitney

Sarah Scott Chang (2017)
Resource Office on Disabilities
35 Broadway (rear entrance)

Douglas Denes (2009)
Sr. Architect Planner
University Planning Construction and Renovation
2 Whitney Ave.

Americo E. Esquibies (2013)
Assistant Professor
Department of Pediatrics
15 York St. 

Howard Forman (2015)
Professor of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging
Institute of Social and Policy Studies of Economics, of Management and of Public Health
789 Howard Ave.

Cindy Greenspun (2011) 
Business Systems Analyst
Sterling Memorial Library
120 High

Robert Harper-Mangels (2011) 
Assistant Dean
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
1 Hillhouse

Caroline Hendel, ex officio (1995)
Senior Associate General Counsel
Office of the General Counsel
WGS – 2 Whitney Avenue, 6th Floor

David Hirsch (2012)
Director of Academic IT Strategy
Yale Center for Teaching and Learning
320 York

Kyleen Huber (2016)
HR Generalist II
Human Resources
221 Whitney

Maria Kaliambou (2013)
Senior Lector 1 European Studies
European Studies Council
LUCE 244
34 Hillhouse Ave

Lisa Kimmel (2015)
Program Manager 2
Wellness Program
55 Lock St.

Ruth Koizim (2002)
Senior Lector
Department of French
82-90 Wall Street

Anthony Kulikowski (2014)
Associate Director 
Resource Office on Disabilities (alternate)
35 Broadway

Rafael Lefkowitz (2014)
Assistant Professor
Yale School of Medicine 

Amanda Leiss (2015)
Graduate School representative

Kristi Lockhart (2007)
Lecturer; Associate Research Scientist
2 Hillhouse

Patrick Loria (2015)
Chemistry and Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry
225 Prospect St.

Christine Muller (2013)
Residential College Dean
Yale College, Academic Affairs
Saybrook College
242 Elm St.

Benjamin Nadolsky (2017)
Student, Yale College

Sohum Pal (2017)
Student, Yale College

Naomi Rogers (2013)
Associate Professor
History of Medicine and History
School Of Medicine
Sterling Hall of Medicine L128
333 Cedar St

Patricia Ryan-Krause (2011)
Associate Professor
School of Nursing
400 West Campus Dr.

Lisa Sawin (2014)
Director, User Experience and Digital Strategy
Information Technology Services
25 Science Park 578

Cynthia Smith (2008)
Associate Provost for Health Affairs and Academic Integrity
Provost Office

Valarie Stanley (2007)
Office for Equal Opportunity Programs
221 Whitney Ave.

Dorothy van Rhijn, M.D. (2002)
Chief of Employee Health; Clinical Instructor Internal Medicine Education
Yale University Health Services
55 Lock St.

Glenn Weston-Murphy (2016)
Engineering Design Advisor and Lecturer
Mechanical Engineering and Materials
Mason Lab 85

List current as of 02/23/2017