Documentation Guidelines

Disability Documentation Overview

Students requesting accommodations need to provide documentation that speaks to the existence of a disability, and provides evidence of the need for disability-related accommodations. To qualify as a person with a disability, a student must have a physical and/or mental impairment which substantially limits them in one or more major life activities. Yale and the Resource Office on Disabilities (ROD) provide reasonable accommodations to students with disabilities. To request accommodations, students must register with the ROD, which involves:

  • Completing the ROD Registration form.
  • Providing supporting documentation (see Documentation Guidelines below).
  • Meeting with an ROD staff member to discuss your request and current situation, and to develop a plan for moving forward.

Guidelines for Ideal Documentation

Written documentation should be typed in English on letterhead, signed and dated, and be sent to ROD by fax or emailed (as a .pdf). Ideally, documentation will include the following:


Should be provided by an appropriately licensed or credentialed professional who has relevant experience and no personal relationship with you.


Should include a description of the diagnostic criteria, evaluation methods, and dates of administration, along with observation/clinical impression notes. 


Should include the current impact of the disabling condition(s), and describe the severity and frequency of the condition on one or more major life activities.


Should clearly describe the chronic or episodic nature of the disability, outline conditions or situations that trigger reoccurrence. 


Should describe what accommodations have been helpful historically and suggest helpful accommodations for the future, including overall effectiveness.