Parking and Transportation

Handicapped parking on Campus

There are various designated handicapped metered parking spaces throughout Yale’s campus on New Haven streets. These are first come, first serve and do require use of the meter by Connecticut State Law. Handicapped parking tags and license plates from other U.S. states are honored in the city.

If a handicapped parking space in a Yale-owned parking lot is needed, students should contact the Resource Office on Disabilities (203-432-2324).

Campus Transportation Services

There is a fixed shuttle route and Special Service mini vans that service the Yale community. Both are managed and operated by Yale’s Parking and Transit Department.

To learn more about the fixed shuttle route, see Yale University Shuttle Services.

Off Campus Accessible Transportation Services

Wheelchair accessible taxis are available through MetroTaxi (203-777-7777).

My Ride provides accessible transportation for individuals with mental or physical disabilities if you cannot use fixed route bus and you live within 3/4 mile of a fixed route. The individual’s disability can be permanent, temporary, or conditional. A “conditional” disability exists under certain conditions; for example, at night, or when the temperature is very high, or very low. Also, there’s no age restriction; no income/asset restriction; not necessary to be on SSI or SSD. My Ride serves New Haven, Ansonia, Branford, Cheshire, Derby, East Haven, Guilford, Hamden, Madison, Milford, North Branford, North Haven, Orange, Seymour, Shelton, Wallingford, Waterbury, West Haven, Woodbridge. They operate Sun-Sat: 5:30am-11:30pm. There is a set fee (each way) and no fee for personal attendants. Only cash is accepted and exact

change is required. Membership is also required. An application form must be completed. To find out more, call 203-288-6282.

Special Services Van Overview

The Special Services transportation operated by Yale Parking and Transit provides door to door pick up and delivery within the campus boundaries for purposes related to work or schooling. It operates 24 hours a day Monday through Friday and from 6 p.m. to 7:30 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday. All riders must register for the service (see below for instructions on registration). The Service will provide one complimentary ride until registration is complete.

To register a rider

Please request the form below to Request for Special Services Van Transportation.

To use

Riders with a regular schedule of pick ups and deliveries should call Parking and Transit at 203 -432-9790 during weekdays from 8:30- 3:30 to discuss needs. If use will be random, riders should call 203-432-2788 allowing for a reasonable notice. Early morning and end of the workday are often the busiest and the wait for a pick up could be longer during these times.  The wait time might be longer on poor weather days and when there are special events on campus (e.g. Commencement, freshman move-in day, a visiting head of state).

Riders should be prepared to give a street address for both pick up and delivery.

Riders using wheelchairs should indicate this when calling for service. This will ensure the vehicle will have a wheelchair lift.

If the rider will have difficulty navigating stairs into the van, the rider should indicate this and that they will need a wheelchair on the van to sit in on the wheelchair lift to enter and exit the van.

Service issues

Any discussion of service should be presented to Yale Parking and Transit, 203-432-9790.